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How To Start A Successful Online Store
Now it's your turn!

You see, in 2017 I started TheHappyGivers.com. The idea was to self-fund our non-profit work through a cool platform that sold apparel and goods we believed in. And in just our second month, we began to see amazing results!

Our store sells between $50,000 to $65,000 every month. After production cost, we use 100% of the profits to fund our Children’s Home in Peru (Casa de Paz) and fund our ongoing relief work in Puerto Rico, an orphanage in Ethiopia and upcoming work in the US-Mexico border.

Are you ready for YOUR success story?

Well, if you’re wanting a store for your non-profit, or extra income for your family, or you have an idea that has the potential to generate a full-time salary… these 90 minutes are for you.

We will discuss:
- The set-up process
- Designs that work
- Finding your audience
- Printing and Shipping
- Social Media for sales
- Marketing and ad-spend
- Customer service
- The must-have apps and plug ins
- Starting an ambassador program

And so much more.

FYI. The price is $39 and there are only 2 spaces left.

Also, when you pay, the profits go directly our non-profit account. So it's really a donation to our work in Puerto Rico, Peru, Ethiopia and the US/Mexico border.

Sign up today and start making a profit with a successful online store.

See you on the 4th.
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