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Dino-Talk: Virtual Panel


Sep 15, 2021 04:45 PM

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Beth Stricker
Vice President of Exhibitions @The Witte Museum
Beth Stricker received her B.A. from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and her MFA from The University of the Arts. She formerly served as the Director of Exhibitions at the Paleontological Research Institution and Project Director at the Smithsonian Institution. In 2017 she co-authored the children’s book Daring to Dig: Adventures of Women in American Paleontology with Alana McGillis.
Dr. Elizabeth Hermsen
Research Scientist @Paleontological Research Institution
Dr. Hermsem presently works as a Research Scientist at the Paleontological Research Institution, B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison ‘99; Ph.D., Cornell University ‘05. Dr. Hermsen completed some of her postdoctoral work at the University of Kansas and Cornell University, later teaching structural botany at the University of Ohio. Dr. Hermsen’s focus of study is on paleobotany or the study of prehistoric plants and other flora. Some of her research has been on developing the plant fossil record in eastern North America and in other topics like studying vascular plants from Triassic-period Antarctica.
Dr. Michelle Stocker
Assistant Professor of Geobiology @Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Dr. Michelle Stockeris has a B.S. Geological Sciences, University of Michigan ‘03; M.S.c Geosciences, University of Iowa ‘08; Ph.D. Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin ‘13. Her research focuses on how physical changes between organisms and their evolutionary relatives can be used to demonstrate and measure the evolution of individual species as well as broader categories of animals.
Alana McGillis
Freelance Science Cartoonist
Alana McGillis, a former student of Geology at Smith College and published illustrator, creates scientific illustrations geared towards teaching children. She has worked with institutions such as the Paleontological Research Institution, Critical Zone Observatories, as well as Williams College and Smith College. In 2017 she co-authored the children’s book Daring to Dig: Adventures of Women in American Paleontology with Beth Stricker.