Linkedin Profile Targeting
Microsoft acquired Linkedin for 26 Billion. Why? What is the 'secret sauce' that they've been working on and why the investment? How will it affect you>
Aug 21, 2019 06:45 PM
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Viktor Grant
Co-Founder @Earthgrid Online Marketing
Viktor Grant is a technology leader, professional speaker, author, visionary business advisor and coder and surfer. He was also former talk show host at MSN The Microsoft Network and since then, developed his own unique 'indie' search engine, "", keyword software "SearchTriggers", content management tools & funnel software "Living Funnels" and most recently social media editor "SociJam".
Burke Franklin
CEO @Business Power Tools
Burke's magic power is understanding how to apply technology to real life, and how to tweak things to make them work more efficiently and smoothly. Since introducing BizPlanBuilder 25 years ago, over 2 million people across the world have used it to start, finance and build businesses. He wrote the book Business Black Belt to share everything I learned from applying everything learned from 30 years of personal development workshops to building a successful business.