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OpenSky Automation Webinar
Low-Code Automation Supporting Competitiveness
Join our 45 min webinar to understand how low-code automation tools can support businesses in maintaining competitiveness.

Who Should Attend?
- IT Leaders who need to efficiently integrate IT & Business functions.
- IT leaders who need enterprise-grade applications with minimal coding capabilities
- IT Leaders who need to see a faster ROI on their IT investments

Why Should you Attend?
To understand how your IT function can support the business maintaining long term competitiveness by;
- reducing long-term costs
- improving productivity throughout the
organisation and
- increasing profitability

Emmet Ryan, Technology Journalist & Editor of Connected with the Business Post, joins OpenSky to moderate a panel discussion with Niall Fitzmaurice of Microsoft and Susan Hayes "The Positive Economist".
From the macro economic environment in Ireland to the micro economic business impact which so many organisations have been subjected to, we're talking business recovery trends, the must-do's, the don't do's and the how to do's of maintaining long term business survival and competitiveness.

Jul 16, 2020 11:30 AM in Dublin

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Susan HayesCulleton
Economist @HayesCulleton Group
As guest speaker to our event, Susan will address at a micro level, the current burdens which so many businesses are faced with such as restructuring costs and other unplanned costs related to returning to business in vastly different environments - and how new methods of automation can support the new working environment.
Emmet Ryan
Technology Editor @The Business Post
As Technology Editor & Reporter with the Business Post, Emmet brings a wealth of macro economical perspectives and trends as moderator to our webinar - addressing questions to the panel of how businesses can adapt and maintain competitiveness, when the environment is so very unknown.
Niall Fitzmaurice
Business Group Lead @Microsoft
Niall brings to the discussion, the tools which businesses need to consider to achieve competitiveness by increasing customer engagement, satisfaction and supporting sales & marketing functions to elevate performance. The key benefit to incorporating Automation tools within business processes & functions - is to give back time to employees - time to innovate & support the businesses maintaining competitiveness in the long term.