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Wharton Club Argentina: A Dialogue with Ethan Mollick
Ethan Mollick takes us to the forefront of an empirical revolution in entrepreneurship. New data and better research methods have overturned the conventional wisdom behind what a successful founder looks like, how they succeed, and how the startup ecosystem works. When you think of a successful entrepreneur, who comes to mind? Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? Or maybe even Jesse Eisenberg, the man who played Zuckerberg in The Social Network?
It may surprise you that most successful founders look very different from Zuckerberg or Gates. In fact, most startup origin stories are very different from the famous “unicorns” that have achieved valuations of over $1 billion, from Facebook to Google to Uber.

Among the issues he examines:
• Which founders are most likely to succeed?
• Where do the best startup ideas come from?
• What’s the best way of securing the funding needed to take a company to the next level?
• Should your sales pitch really be something out of Hollywood?
• What’s the best way to grow and scale your company and create a thriving culture that
won’t hinder expansion?

Sep 29, 2020 05:00 PM in Buenos Aires, Georgetown

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