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Thursday SWINA Webinar - Choose a Career that will Change Your Life and The Lives of Others
We invite you to join us during these ever changing times. Our aesthetician school is committed to high quality skincare education and laser technician training. We approach your education with a special blend of clinical training woven in with holistic methods to give you a leading edge in the beauty industry. Our graduates train with state of the art technologies to learn microneeding and dermaplaning in the core 600 hour Natural Aesthetics curriculum. Graduate medical spa ready with the 780 Hour Advanced Skincare Practitioner and Cosmetic Laser Technician training by adding on 5 weeks to the core program. SWINA’s top instructors will assist you in preparing for your state board test. We offer lifetime placement assistance to our graduates! SWINA is a division of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. We believe caring is natural. Thank you for finding us.
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