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"Nexus Seminar No. 49 organized by UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden"
Over a period of more than 10 years, the project Integrated Water Resources Management: Model Region Mongolia (IWRM MoMo) investigated the scientific prerequisites for a holistic approach of managing water resources in the Kharaa River Basin (KRB) in Northern Mongolia, a region characterized by a rapid socio-economic and transition and data scarcity. The project focused on the development and implementation of an IWRM, which by the definition of Global Water Partnership also considers water in the context of "land and related resources", "economic and social welfare" and "vital ecosystems". The resource nexus which was popularized more recently resembles the IWRM concept in many ways, but with a wider focus and the concurrent consideration of several nexus elements and their linkages. Inevitably, IWRM addresses several Nexus elements. At the specific example of IWRM implementation KRB, this lecture covers the potential synergies and tradeoffs between water management and the alternative prioritization of land management, mineral resources exploitation, and food production in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, it is discussed how focusing on SDG 12 can help to reduce tradeoffs between different nexus elements and SDGs.
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