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Using XML Application Creation to simplify development in RTI Connext DDS Micro
XML-Based Application Creation is a mechanism to simplify and accelerate the development and programming of Connext DDS applications. User systems can be easily prototyped on a PC using Connext DDS Pro and quickly migrated to the final hardware. This can be useful in many situations. For example, autonomous vehicle developers using Connext DDS Micro 3.0.0 have a direct path to ASIL D safety-certified systems.

Connext DDS supports the use of XML for the complete system definition. This includes not only the definition of the data types and Quality of Service (QoS) settings, but also the definition of the Topics, DomainParticipants, and all the Entities they contain (Publishers, Subscribers, DataWriters and DataReaders). XML-Based Application Creation is already supported by Connext DDS Professional.

Starting with RTI Connext DDS 6.0.0, XML-Based Application Creation can also be used to configure Connext DDS Micro applications through a utility called RTI Micro Application Generator (MAG). MAG generates source code from an XML configuration file that will be used to create DDS entities and registers all the components needed for a Connext DDS Micro-based application.

Watch this webinar for a live demonstration and to learn:

- The benefits of using XML to define your Connext DDS application
- Requirements to work with XML Application Creation
- XML Application Creation differences in Connext DDS Micro and Professional and how to migrate from Connext DDS Pro XML Application Creation to Connext DDS Micro XML Application Generator.
- What is Micro Application Generator (MAG) and how to use it.
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