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Implementing Open Science for the Helmholtz Association
Open science, i.e., the open access to scientific results such as publications, research data, and scientific software hindered by as few financial, technical, and legal hurdles as possible, expands transparency in science, improves quality assurance procedures, and increases the performance of science through improved information supply. With the pervasiveness of digitization, open science is developing into a cross-cutting issue that impacts all areas science; a variety of new action fields are emerging. The Helmholtz Open Science Office has identified the following future topics, among others, for further support of the cultural change towards open science in the Helmholtz Association: Open science publishing, incentives and metrics for open science, infrastructures, tools, and standards for open science, good digital research practices, education and training for open science, as well as knowledge transfer and science communication and legal frameworks. Under the motto "Enabling open science practices in Helmholtz!", the Helmholtz Open Science Office will present impulses on how such openness can further be promoted and implemented in Helmholtz.
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Lea Maria Fer­gu­son
@Helmholtz Open Science Office
Lea Maria Ferguson joined the Helmholtz Open Science Office (OS Office) of the Helmholtz Association in 2020. The mission of the OS Office is to promote the cultural change towards open science in Helmholtz and the OS Office is a service provider for the community in shaping this process. Lea's work focuses on supporting the transformation towards open access, promoting open science practices, and providing strategic direction for the OS Office. Lea studied literature, book studies, and digital media in the Netherlands. Prior to joining the OS Office, Lea taught at Maastricht University and established the Open Access Office at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.