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Open Source on the Modern Mainframe
The open source movement has rapidly become the way code is being developed for today's smart and agile businesses. This webinar will cover how an “open mainframe” is the perfect solution for deploying open source on an enterprise computing platform. You will learn how the open source community has gathered around the mainframe platform and how Open Mainframe Project is the starting point for open development.

Join this roundtable session to learn the latest approaches to integrating the mainframe into modern devops tooling and practices to accelerate delivery and drive true cross-platform applications. Open Mainframe Project leaders from Broadcom, IBM, SUSE, VCU, Velocity Software and Western & Southern Financial Group will share insight and roadmaps about several open source projects under the OMP umbrella, including Ambitus, Feilong, Polycephaly, Zowe, and Zorow, that can help with your devops needs.


Len Santalucia, CTO and Business Development Manager at Vicom Infinity and Chairperson of the Governing Board of the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project
Jerry Edgington, Senior Systems Analyst at Western & Southern Financial Group and lead for OMP’s Polycephaly project
Sujay Solomon, Chief Z DevOps Advocate for Broadcom and member of OMP’s Zowe Leadership Committee
Joe Winchester, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and member of OMP’s Zowe Leadership Committee and Zowe architect
Joe Bostian, Open Source and Analytics Architect for IBM z Systems and co-lead of OMP’s Ambitus project
Mike Friesenegger, Solution Architect for the SUSE Alliances team and co-lead of OMP’s Feilong Project
James Vincent, Senior Systems Architect for Velocity Software and co-lead of OMP’s Feilong Project
Hiren Shah, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM and leader of OMP’s Zorow Project


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