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Navigating Leadership in Crisis
In most cases, leadership is tested during a time of crisis. Natural disasters, widespread technology breaches, terrorist attacks, and health emergencies, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, are some of the crises that can put leaders and managers under extreme pressure. These extraordinary conditions and challenges require leaders to adhere to key principles that guide them, their teams, organizations, and missions to success. As a leader or manager in your organization, you must be prepared to lead through such challenges and learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Do you feel fully prepared to manage impending or unforeseen crises of different scales? In this webinar, participants will learn how to successfully manage, survive, and recover from unexpected and complex situations with high stakes and prevailing unknowns. They will understand how to avoid making bad decisions under pressure, leverage the situation, and become innovative and creative to accomplish their business objectives. Participants will also identify ways they can learn from the crisis and be strengthened to lead through future challenges. This webinar discusses the leadership skills necessary for working decisively in the highly concentrated time-frame of an emergency, while maintaining a focus on managing and motivating a team.

Register for this webinar and experience the philosophy and some of the essential tools that have helped many individuals and organizations lead in times of crises.
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