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Agile Course Development: The House That Scrum Built
Designing and developing even a single online course is a challenge. How can we scale this process to maintain quality and continuity across an entire program? At the University of Maryland Global Campus, we are testing an Agile framework that enables us to design entire programs, ensure continuity across courses, and remain enmeshed in the details of an individual course development. Furthermore, this framework can be adapted to fit the needs of any institution.

During this webinar, we will share how you can apply a Scrum framework to develop program content using cross-functional teams. We will demonstrate how to divide complex work into simple iterations, or sprints. We will discuss the key components of Scrum and the generally accepted practices for participants to adopt Scrum for program design and development.

Intended Audience:
Course Development Team (Faculty, Instructional Designers, Multimedia, Writers/Editors, etc.)

Key Takeaways:
Individuals will learn to work in cross-functional teams to design and develop courses iteratively, reacting earlier to challenges or feedback.


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