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Navigating the Messaging/Mobile First Communications Landscape
A guide for users, providers, agents, and sales partners

Messaging is fast becoming the primary mode of interaction for businesses and consumers. Whether it is employee-to-employee messaging applications like Slack, or person-to-person messaging using SMS/MMS, this change cuts across all demographics and age groups. This change has been accelerated as the primary communication device of choice for everyone is now mobile. Voicemail and Email are being replaced as more users turn to messaging as their preferred means of communication.

This webinar explores the technology, use cases, and business opportunities across a number of types of businesses using messaging, whether they are communicating with employees, vendors, candidates, prospects, or clients.

What You Will Learn
• The differences between SMS/MMS and other over-the-top (OTT) messaging applications
• The use of messaging applications in secure environments that require compliance with HIPAA, SOX, and other regulations.
• Use cases for messaging in a number of different businesses
• Business Opportunities in this space for Carriers, Service Providers, and Sales Agents.

Who Should Attend
• End users who want to learn different ways that messaging can be used to improve both internal and external communications.
• Providers of UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaas, and Hosted PBX who want to learn how to add this important service to their offering, independent of the platform they currently use to provide service
• Carriers and Service Providers who want to learn how to enable this service within their network without adding additional equipment
• Sales Agents who want to learn how to offer messaging as an additional service to their existing clients.
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