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Pain Management: Medical Marijuana & Chronic Pain
Learn more about the benefits of Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain and pain management.

Guest Speaker for this webinar is Dr. Bruce Rubinowicz.

Sep 30, 2020 06:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Marc Matoza
@Marijuana Med Today
Marc is Medical Marijuana Practitioner and advocate, conducting over 130 Medical Marijuana Awareness Seminars. He actively participates in numerous Cannabis Patient education events. Utilizing his background in technology, he has extensively researched Medical Cannabis/Marijuana. A graduate from California Polytechnic State University in Computer Science. Marc’s career includes building the first database management systems on a 16 bit computer [Image @ Hewlett Packard], electronic dictionaries & digital bi-lingual references [Collins Online @ MarcTECH SA], numerous customer applications [@ Netscape Communications] and digital golf swing analysis software [@Swing Solutions]. Currently he is the Managing Director of Marijuana Med Today and Patient Focus Marketing.
Dr Bruce Rubinowicz
Doctor @Maxxam Med
Dr. Bruce Rubinowicz received his medical degree from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, and completed his neurology residency at the University of Texas and a sleep medicine fellowship at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. Dr. Rubinowicz had a private practice in the Nashville area for 18 years before moving to South Florida, and has well over 20 years of experience. His care philosophy is to be a patient advocate, providing full service and care to avoid unnecessary or costly referrals and outside testing. “I have had the unique experience of being both a patient and provider. My experience as a patient [undergoing evaluation and treatment of cancer] exposed me the deficiencies in the health care system. As a provider I have seen too many times when patients have undergone unnecessary tests and treatment. Even family and friends have been subjected to tests and treatment that was unnecessary and did nothing to improve their care. I have had the unique pleasure and opportunity t