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How to Moonshot Your Thinking to Achieve any Goal | Jessica Emily
This webinar will be fun, engaging and most importantly it will tell you the secret behind goal achievement. We will dive deep into what you need to do in order to reach your goals and highlight areas where you perhaps might need to improve on in order to master goal achievement.

Jessica will walk you through her proven framework and provide you with a quiz that you can take which will highlight where you are in comparison to reaching your goals.

Things you will learn in this webinar:
- how to shift your thinking to achieve any goal you desire
- what is the sweet spot to effectively reach your goals
- what is the type of thinking and self-belief needed to reach your goals and master yourself
- about the tools, mindset, and skills needed to “Moonshot You” and how to shift your thinking

Nov 19, 2020 10:00 AM in Vienna

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Jessica Emily
Mindset Coach @Moonshot Your Thinking
Hey, I’m Jessica Emily A happy Monday kinda girl, Mindset Coach & Entrepreneur who is dedicated to teaching you the tools to own your thinking and help you face the challenges of the world. I know first hand that in life anything is possible, even when it doesn’t seem like it there is always a way. At 17 years old, I found myself living out of home, with no education, no home and no chance to succeed in life. Flash forward to just 24 years old and I was graduating University with a double major and 2 successful startups under my belt. Shortly after that, I experienced the other side to success, with going broke twice (once at 24 and again at 27) forcing me to start all over again. I’ve even failed on live TV across all of Australia, hosted a Youth Day with an expected turn out of 4,000 people, but instead had 311 walk through the door, deeming it what appears to be a complete failure.