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Crisis Proofing Your Business for the New Normal
One important lesson that the Pandemic has forcefully shown us is that crisis can happen anywhere, anytime…when you least expect it. Although we have no control over catastrophic events in our business and in life such as COVID-19, we can control our reaction and readiness to handle these major events. Let’s talk about how we can crisis proof our business in this upcoming learning event session.

Points of Discussion

Mindset for Crisis Management
Types of Crisis
Crisis Assessment for Your Company
Contingency Plan
Q & A

Who Should Attend?

Business Owners, HR Managers & Staff, HR Consultants, Administration Officers, Personnel Officers and People who manage Human Resources for their company.


1. This event will be conducted via Zoom Webinars so participants camera's and sound will be default muted to be able to minimize disruptions. Q&A portions will be conducted by the host using Chat. The host may also unmute you if you would like to ask questions using your Audio for your most urgent concerns

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4. Yes. A recording of this session will be made available for all who register. The recording will be made a few days after the event.

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