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Free Yourself From The Burden of Perfectionism masterclass with Clare Walsh
Perfectionism can feel like it protects us – it’s our armour deflecting any chance of criticism or failure. Wrong! Perfectionism keeps us playing small, keeps us operating from a place of fear and anxiety. Perfectionism holds us back from going after the things we truly want from life.
During this masterclass Clare will share practical ways to help you free yourself from the burden of perfectionism encouraging you to remove that armour and embrace your imperfections!
Clare Walsh is a confidence coach passionate about helping women to live the lives that light them up – now, not at some undefined and never arriving point in the future! Using powerful coaching techniques she helps her clients to find clarity, confidence and courage to act to create the life they truly desire. A joyful life that is rich and fulfilling. Your life, your way!

Nov 30, 2020 10:00 AM in London

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