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NCCPEP Clinical Practice Webinar Series: Webinar #3: Strategies and Approaches to Mentor Development and Retention
This is the final installment in a three-part webinar series on the topic of recruiting, developing, and retaining mentor teachers in clinical educator preparation programs.

In addition to exploring a high-interest and emergent problem of practice in clinical educator preparation, the series will also set the stage for important conversations that will be explored more deeply during an in-person regional professional development workshop event that will be held at the George Mason University Arlington Campus, Arlington, VA, on January 16 & 17, 2020.

The webinar learning agenda will include:
• An overview of issues pertaining to the development and retention of mentor teachers, including a discussion of the role and importance of mentor teachers in high-quality clinical educator preparation;
• A deeper look at considerations related to developing and retaining high-quality mentor teachers, including strategies for developing skills that best support teacher candidate development;
• The impact of development and retention strategies on the effectiveness of clinical practice programs in terms of ensuring the availability of high-quality mentor teachers for all teacher candidates;
• And be among the first to learn about an Inaugural NCCPEP Workshop on Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Mentor Teachers that will take place on January 16 & 17, 2020 in the Washington, DC metro area!

• Dr. Audra Parker, Professor, George Mason University & NCCPEP Director
• Dr. Deborah Reed, Associate Instructor/Faculty in Residence, University of North Florida & NCCPEP Director
• Dr. Kristien Zenkov, Professor, George Mason University & NCCPEP Director


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