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Cafe 2025 - Current Trends and a Vision for the Future


Jun 24, 2020 03:54 PM

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Dr Adam Carr
Coffee Science and Education Centre Manager @Seven Miles Coffee Roasters
Adam has worked in research for over 8 years, with an overarching focus on high temperature water technology. He has worked in Australia at the University of New South Wales, and internationally at Cornell University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Aerodyne Research Inc. The applications for his research have been diverse, including advanced particle production technologies, reaction engineering, sustainable fuels processing and novel extraction technologies. Once he discovered the application of his experience to the coffee industry, there was no going back! Adam uses his skills and deep love of coffee to improve our understanding of coffee science and technology through our coffee science and research centre. He designs experiments around testing the latest and greatest coffee gear available to the industry, and uses his connections to develop research projects centering around brewing better coffee.