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The Cyborg Diaries: Family Abolition, Reproductive Technology and the Practice of Insurgent Care
Join us for a conversation between feminist scholars Sophie Lewis and Nazila Kivi on challenging notions of technology, kinship, care and reproductive utopias!

As part of the Alt_Cph 20 biennial Patterns in Resistance, Salon Hysteria presents a conversation between Nazila Kivi and Sophie Lewis, author of ‘Full Surrogacy Now! Feminism Against Family’ about which eminent feminist theorist Donna Haraway says: “Rooted in historical, site-based, narrative, and political accounts, Full Surrogacy Now is the seriously radical cry for full gestational justice that I long for. This kind of gestation depends on realizing the implications of knowing that we all actually, materially, make one another, and that this labor continues to be exploited, extracted, and alienated—unequally—at every turn in Capitalism and Patriarchy. Full of brilliant, generative, and also shamelessly biting critique of both bourgeois and communist tracts, feminist and otherwise, Lewis’s voice is unique and bracing.”
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