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How to utilize cloud storage like it's on-prem
In this session, MSPs will find out how to use cloud storage in production using LucidLink Filespaces, dramatically simplifying deployments and streamlining management
Join this webinar on Wednesday, November 13, at 11:00 am, PST to learn how LucidLink Filespaces works without additional hardware infrastructure to :

Run file workloads on any object storage on-prem or in the cloud
Utilize object storage and take advantage of its low cost, durability, and elasticity
Provide fast and secure data access to all your customers

You won’t want to miss how the following use cases help MSPs achieve faster sales cycles, lower operational overhead, and improved customer satisfaction, leading to increased recurring revenue.

Use case: Managed File Service - direct backup to the cloud, file services on object storage
Use case: Shared File Server with remote access - managed Cloud NAS for distributed teams
Use case: Video Surveillance - direct to cloud archive with rapid retrieval

Join Peter Thompson, co-founder and CEO, and Johan Huttenga, Solutions Architect, as they discuss active archive, backup, and access to your data directly from where it resides.
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