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CNG's Guide to Exceptional Markets (GEMs) 2020
Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) invites market managers to take steps to be listed in the Guide to Exceptional Markets (GEMs) for 2020. GEMs markets receive valuable marketing benefits free of charge, and are given priority consideration in CNG's community outreach initiatives. Becoming a GEMs-listed market typically improves market quality and customer trust.

All GEMs markets are listed at CNGfarming.org/GEMs

Markets can qualify to be GEMs listed by recognizing and/or preferring vendors with CNG certification. The highest designation is reserved for markets that require their farmer vendors hold some type of certification.

Winter is the time to take steps that will ensure your market qualifies to be GEMs listed! Register to get the full story and have your questions answered.

Background: Certified Naturally Grown farmers and beekeepers produce food for their local communities without the use of synthetic chemicals or GMOs. These producers maintain high standards for ecological production, and rely mainly on farmers markets to sell their farm products. CNG certification requires annual on-site peer-review inspection. Inspections serve to verify CNG standards are being met, as well as foster shared knowledge and strengthen farmer networks.

There are more than 750 CNG producers throughout North America. All are listed at CNGfarming.org/map


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