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Anti-Idiotype mAbs by Abveris - Ideal reagents for PK/ADA assays
Please join Abveris' Chief Operating Officer, Tracey Mullen, for our webinar to learn more about our premier anti-idiotype antibody discovery service for mAbs, bispecifics, scFvs, VHHs, and more.

Benefits of our approach:

- Rapid reagent generation timelines
- Maximal epitope coverage with DiversimAb technology
- Highly sensitive specificity screening
- Identification of high-affinity mAbs
- Neutralizing and non-neutralizing mAbs
- Flexible deliverable strategies
- All work done in the USA

Abveris has the expertise and technology advantages required to develop high-quality reagents to the trickiest biotherapeutic molecules. Join our webinar to learn more.
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