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TTF Tropical Timber Market Webinar
The Tropical Timber Market Webinar will provide the audience with an understanding of what is happening across the tropical timber sector, the impact of the pandemic and what the future of trade looks like going forward in 2021.

We will also be discussing the actions we should be taking as an industry within COP26 to combat climate change.

By joining this online webinar, you will connect with leading experts across the tropical timber sector.


- The state of the tropical timber market.
- Updates from Ghana, Indonesia and Cameroon.
- The impact of Covid-19 on the tropical timber market.
- The outlooks for 2021 in the tropical hardwood sector, following on from the pandemic.
- What the future looks like for the tropical timber market.
- If and when supply will recover to pre-pandemic levels.
- The role of the timber industry in combating climate change.
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