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PA Mayday People's Assembly
Join CASA, One PA, and Make the Road PA members to commemorate International Workers Day. 134 years ago, on the first May Day, our country faced a crisis: Workers were dying on the job, working 16 hour days in dangerous and lethal conditions.
Workers didn’t wait to get the rights and protections they needed, on May Day they demanded them with a general strike for the 8 hour workday.
Labor leaders were rounded up, some even executed, just for fighting for their safety.
Today, we are all safer because of their bold action to demand what was necessary in that crisis: We have weekends, an 8 hour workday, more protections on the job, thanks to their work. But we know that’s not enough to keep us safe or keep us alive, especially in this crisis.
The COVID pandemic has made clear that just as those leaders of the first May Day faced a crisis, we face one today too.
Our communities are suffering, losing their homes, and dying in this crisis. That’s why we’re sounding the alarm and issuing #OurMayDayCall for help.
Join us to unite Pennsylvania
Our country and communities are in crisis, and this #OurMayDayCall. We are not safe until the #EssentialAndExcluded immigrant and undocumented worker get the resources and protections they deserve. This is #OurMayDayCall for #AJustStimulus.
We are not safe until every essential worker has the PPE they need to be safe on the job. This is #OurMayDayCall to #ProtectEssentialWorkers.
We are not safe until everyone has a place to call home, because #HousingisHealthcare and #HousingIsAHumanRight. This is #OurMayDayCall to #CancelRentPA and #CancelMortgagesPA.
We are not safe until incarcerated people are safe and free. This is #OurMayDayCall to #ShutDownBerks and #FreeThemAll.
We are not safe until workers have access to transportation. This is #OurMayDayCall for #DriversLicensesForAll.

May 1, 2020 05:45 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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