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特別公開国際フォーラム「グローバルヘルスにおけるワクチンの重要性と日本の役割」Special International Forum: The Importance of Vaccines and Japan’s Role in Global Health
Thank you for your continued support and understanding of the Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI).


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At this meeting, we will explore the importance of vaccines and Japan’s role in global health through discussions with industry, Government, academia, and civil society. We will also consider what future measures must be taken from a multi-stakeholder perspective.

■主催/Host: 日本医療政策機構 /HGPI
■共催/Co-host: 駐日英国大使館 / British Embassy Tokyo

■日時/ Date & Time:(日本時間/ JST)
October 22, 2021 15:30-18:00
*同時通訳有/ Japanese and English with simultaneous interpretation

■プログラム/ Program:
15:30-15:35 開会の辞(1)/Opening Address (1)
15:35-15:40 開会の辞(2)/Opening Address (2)
15:40-15:45 開催趣旨説明 / Event Overview
15:45-16:00 基調講演(1) 英国政府のワクチン展開とグローバルヘルス戦略から得られた教訓/Keynote Speech (1) Lessons Learned from UK’s Vaccine Rollout and Global Health Strategy
16:00-16:15 基調講演(2) 日本政府によるCOVID-19における国際協調の取り組み/Japan’s International Collaboration Efforts in the COVID-19 Era
16:20-17:50 パネルディスカッション/Panel Discussion
 Theme 1: The implications of Global Vaccine Provision
 Theme 2: The future of global health
17:50-18:00 閉会の辞/Closing Remarks
18:10-18:40 メディアブリーフィング/Media Briefing

Oct 22, 2021 03:30 PM in Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo

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