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Preparedness & Response Considerations During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Moderator: Stephen Pepper, Director, Crisis Management, Phillips 66


Response Site Health and Safety Considerations
Paul Hart, CIH, CSP, CTEH

Preventing injury/illness during an emergency response just became slightly more complicated. With the evolving coronavirus pandemic, companies are now implementing controls to prevent COVID-19, and some of the practices begin well before personnel arrive to the response worksite. And once onsite, the work practices and PPE may be quite different from just a few weeks/months ago. How will your company design and implement effective controls related to COVID-19 for emergency response situations? Which agency or technical data should you rely on when making your decisions?

Response and Exercise Programs in a Virtual World
Dustin White, Response Manager & Training Advisor, The Response Group

As we move forward through the current pandemic and beyond, Emergency Managers, as a community of practice, must be prepared to respond in either a partially or totally virtual world. In order to respond effectively to such a pandemic, or any other type of incident that may occur during that outbreak, it is imperative that we use all of the tools, technologies, and best practices at our disposal. This discussion will focus on the solutions for exercises and response developed on actual responses with our agency and industry partners to manage incidents of all types in this new and evolving response environment.

Managing Incident Investigations in the COVID Era
Matt Kuryla, Partner, Baker Botts

With enhanced public and media scrutiny resulting from recent high-profile incidents and COVID enforcement discretion announcements, government agencies have elevated the legal response to major incidents. This segment will review best practices for conducting a root cause analysis in parallel with a legal investigation in the COVID era, and discuss key takeaways for avoiding the waiver of important legal privileges.


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