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Using MLOps to Bring ML to Production with David Aronchick
Have you ever struggled with having different environments to build, train and serve ML models, and how to orchestrate between them? While DevOps and GitOps have made huge traction in recent years, many customers struggle to apply these practices to ML workloads. This talk will focus on the ways MLOps has helped to effectively infuse AI into production-grade applications through establishing practices around model reproducibility, validation, versioning/tracking, and safe/compliant deployment. We will also talk about the direction for MLOps as an industry, and how we can use it to move faster, with more stability, than ever before.

Speaker: David Aronchick, Head of Open Source ML Strategy, Microsoft
Bio: David leads Open Source Machine Learning Strategy at Azure. This means he spends most of his time helping humans to convince machines to be smarter. He is only moderately successful at this.

Previously, David led product management for Kubernetes at Google, launched GKE, and co-founded the Kubeflow project. David has also worked at Microsoft, Amazon and Chef and co-founded three startups.

Dec 17, 2019 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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