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Virtual Launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2020
Mixed migration and cities: Urban frontlines for displacement and mobility

Cities are on the frontlines of receiving the majority of those in mixed migration. With an accelerating urbanisation, the future of migration will be increasingly shaped by how cities address migration, often against the background of heated debates about national migration policies. What are the experiences of refugees and migrants in different urban centres around the world? Which risks and opportunities do cities present to refugees and migrants, and vice-versa? To what extent do cities offer protection to refugees and vulnerable migrants? How will refugees and migrants in cities be affected by climate vulnerabilities? How to make the most of the myriad of opportunities that cities offer and what role does urban migration play in regional development? How do different global and regional processes influence urban approaches to mobility, and what can we learn from how cities govern migration issues compared to national migration polices? Why is there often a tension between national versus city-level migration policies? And how has Covid-19 impacted on the relation between cities and migration?

All this and more is explored in the 2020 edition of MMC's annual flagship report, the Mixed Migration Review (MMR), examining the role of cities in mixed migration and human mobility as an overarching focus. The MMR2020 contains the year's regional mixed migration overviews, essays, interviews with leading experts and thought leaders, short urban spotlights, as well as individual stories of refugees and migrants in cities (‘urban voices’).

The launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2020 will take place in the form of a panel debate bringing together migration experts from different fields. It will focus on three selected aspects of the report: cities of risks, cities of opportunities and national vs. local migration policies.

More information: http://www.mixedmigration.org/mmr/2020-2/

Nov 18, 2020 03:00 PM in Zurich

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