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Digital Literacy & AI Webinar Series #3: Simulation, Immersion, and Gamification
As the real and virtual worlds continue to intertwine, we are reorienting ourselves to the notion of serious play, and to the value of simulation, immersion, and game-based learning. In this webinar, our expert panelists will explore the emergent possibilities and exciting teaching, learning, and doing taking place through immersive, virtual experiences.

- Explore emerging technologies that are driving global innovation for teaching and learning through simulation, immersion, and gamification
- Identify opportunities and technologies to implement innovative solutions across a spectrum of access, cost, and openness.
- Gain insights on research, adoption and implementation strategies for scaling innovative technologies across systems and institutions.

Intended audience:
Higher Education Administrators, Higher Education Faculty, K-12 Administrators, K-12 Faculty, Online Education Directors, Instructional and Educational Technologists, Learning Experience Designers, Education Policy Makers, Educational Futurists, International Community


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