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Managing Risk and other Vulnerabilities in your IT Environment
Join The ITAM Review’s Rich Gibbons and Flexera’s Kevin Miller and Heather McKay for a live webinar on Thursday 19th December 2019 at 2pm GMT.

The rapid adoption of disruptive technologies to digitize workloads is leading to greater complexity in the IT environment. Growing disconnects between IT and other lines of business with technology investments are creating challenges in gaining full visibility. Lack of full visibility into your IT environment can make managing software spending, monitoring license utilization and spotting other vulnerabilities nearly impossible. All of this leads to a reactive strategy for managing software assets that exposes your organization to other risks, increasing costs and disrupting business.

Join Flexera Software and ITAM Review to learn tips and best practices for how to effectively manage software assets, avoid audits and identify areas of vulnerability to consider in your ongoing risk management strategy.


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