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Towards a Global Wellbeing Economies Alliance: Free webinar with Katherine Trebeck
This webinar is part of a free 'Building Wellbeing Together' webinar series via the Network of Wellbeing (NOW). Please register for your free place below!

The current economic system has become addicted to GDP growth at all costs and has lost sight of the larger goal of sustainable wellbeing. It needs to be fundamentally transformed into a wellbeing economy which is aimed at achieving dignity and fairness, for humans and the rest of nature. A wellbeing economy recognises that the economy is embedded in society and the rest of nature and that true freedom and success depend on creating a world where we all prosper and flourish. Institutions serve humanity best when they foster our individual dignity while enhancing our interconnectedness. To thrive, all institutions (including businesses) and society must pivot toward a new purpose: shared wellbeing on a healthy planet.

To achieve a wellbeing economy, a major transformation of our world view, society and economy is needed. This is what the new organisation which Katherine is a part of - Wellbeing Economies Alliance (WEAll) - seeks to bring about. Already in October 2017 WEAll facilitated the coming together of governments including Costa Rica, New Zealand, Slovenia, Scotland, under the leadership of the Scottish Government and encouraged by the OECD. These states and regions are committed to being pioneers in the implementation of new economy proposals in a holistic way. The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has gone on public record supporting this initiative and meetings are planned for 2018 as well as expansion of the membership.

In this webinar we will cover:
** What this system might entail and how it can be purposed for wellbeing will be explored with some practical examples
** WEAll's theory of change
** Where next for WEAll, and building a global alliance working towards a wellbeing economy

You will also have an opportunity to ask questions if you'd like to.

Apr 24, 2018 6:00 PM in London

Webinar is over, you can not register now. If you have any questions, please contact Webinar host: Florence Scialom.