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New Cases, New Lessons
Join Dr Peter Fairbairn for a discussion of his latest cases using EthOss® grafting material.

Featuring a selection of case studies that have never been presented before, this webinar will showcase EthOss being used in both complex and routine regeneration cases.

Specific cases will include:
• buccal defects
• cysts and apicectomies
• sinus augmentations
• peri-implantitis
• socket grafting

“Lockdown and Covid have presented many problems for dentistry but it has been encouraging to see so many patients in my practice over the last 6 months receiving bone grafts and implants. This has given us the opportunity to continue pushing and refining our techniques with modern alloplast materials with very interesting results. It will be great to share these new cases with an audience and hear your feedback and comments”
- Dr Peter Fairbairn

The event will also include a Questions & Answers session with Dr Fairbairn.
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