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European 5 a day Online Symposium, 23 September 2021
‘Fruit and vegetables in nutrition: what do science, politics and economy contribute?’ Under this heading of the European 5 a day Symposium, speakers from all three fields present current food trends, discuss eating habits as well as the beneficial health effect of fruit and vegetables and share their experiences from European projects.

The European 5 a day Symposium is hosted by 5 am Tag e.V. and Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH in the UN International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.

For the list of speakers and the agenda, please visit www.snack-5.eu/symposium

Participation in the online event (held in English) is free of charge.

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The first 100 registered participants receive a Snack5 conference kit containing fresh fruit and vegetables. If you want to get one of those conference kits, please read and confirm the Terms & Conditions of Participation below.

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