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How to Decarbonize Your City ASAP
Ithaca, NY has the most ambitious decarbonization plan in the US.

In this webinar, we're lucky enough to be joined by Luis Aguirre-Torres and Rebecca Evans who are in charge of implementing the city's Green New Deal which aims to:
- Achieve carbon-neutrality community-wide by 2030
- Ensure benefits are shared among all local communities to reduce historical social and economic inequities

This is for people who want to learn:
- How to get your town to pass ambitious climate legislation rooted in justice.
- How to actually decarbonize your town or city once ambitious targets are set.

We'll start with ~45 minutes of Crowdsourcing Sustainability's typical interview format for Luis and Rebecca. And then we'll open it up with 30 to 45 minutes of Q&A so everyone tuned in can ask their specific questions!
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