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IRCAI webinar series: Building African Language Datasets
The languages from this Fellowship have not received adequate attention or resources in the rapidly evolving landscape of language technologies and applications. Therefore this is the beginning of a significantly long journey of creating training and evaluation datasets for underserved African languages, which will have significant downstream impacts on education, financial inclusion, healthcare, agriculture, communication, and disaster response in Sub-Saharan Africa. These recipients have produced training datasets in Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa that will support a range of needs for low resource languages, including machine translation, speech recognition, named entity recognition and part of speech tagging, sentiment analysis, and multi-modal datasets. Here we will present the work done on each language with a general overview of the main challenges, key insights and learnings from the work of the various Fellows, including additional work by the African data science community on top of datasets to create AI/ML applications such as the newly built Text-to-Speech (TTS) platform for Wolof language.

Jun 18, 2021 01:00 PM in Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana

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