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We Automotive Presents: Implementation Of Industry 4.0 Protocol For Automotive Seat Manufacturing
• Successfully translating comfort requirements into an Industry 4.0 environment
• Which new technologies are enabling a previously unachievable design?
• Big Data analysis and feeding it back into design, engineering and production
• Automation of operations, predictability and reduced scrap rates
• Derive the most value for the opportunities that Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Promises
• Incorporating digitalisation into your manufacturing roadmap – what are the opportunities for key players in the value chain and how does it offer a complete path to fulfilling customer expectations?
• Collect end-consumer data and flow it back to one piece of equipment or equipment in combination with a given material
• Automation of operations and the predictability of operations
Reducing scrap rates, tied to a certain link of equipment, material, supplier, time period
• How to achieve greater flexibility to react quickly to new developments and changing requirements
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