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Ask e-resident entrepreneurs Michelle & Kirill about e-Residency
During November and December we are hosting a number of our partners and stakeholders to hear their expert insights on key topics for e-residents, from registering a company online to paying tax.

Whether you are already an e-resident and running your company or you are just taking your first steps as an entrepreneur– sign up and join us! These webinars are for you!

Each webinar will have a presentation by our guests and a live Q&A session.

Michelle Hamaoui & Kirill Soloviev will share their experience as entrepreneurs who started their business through e-Residency. They are also founders of EERICA, a non-profit organization that unites e-resident company owners across the world.

Michelle, based in Canada, discovered e-residency and Estonia by trying to find a way around her home country’s lack of access and support for online businesses. She is active across multiple industries, from marketing to IT.
You can find his bio here: https://bit.ly/2NDI1Q6

Kirill is a founder of translation technology startup, ContentQuo. Originally from Moscow, he’s been an Estonian e-Resident and unofficial evangelist since spring 2015, having personally inducted at least a dozen e-Residents into the program.
You can find his bio here: https://bit.ly/2q5k4Iq

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Dec 9, 2019 07:00 PM in Helsinki

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