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Building the future open networks – How LF Networking provides the building blocks
The LFN Technical Advisory Council (TAC) is made up of technical experts from LF Networking (LFN) members who meet regularly to facilitate communication and collaboration among the 8+ technical projects in LFN. The TAC recently completed a comprehensive whitepaper about the LFN available here: https://www.lfnetworking.org/resources/2020/04/28/lf-networking-whitepaper/. In this webinar, representatives from the TAC will review the major elements of the paper, including the role of open source in modern network design, how Linux Foundation projects may be used as building blocks for modern networks, project highlights, and an E2E use case. System architects, developers, product and project managers, network operators, system integrators, and more will learn how to approach and incorporate open source and LFN projects into their next-generation project designs and product roadmaps. Register Today!


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