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Introduction to Intelligent Sourcing Automation & Its Bots
There is growing interest in and adoption of automation capabilities across source-to-pay procurement functions. When it comes to strategic sourcing, Keelvar brings our intelligent sourcing automation bots, powered by AI and optimization.

This webinar answers FAQs such as: What is intelligent sourcing automation? Where is it best suited? How is it deployed and used? What results can you expect? How do the bots work?

In this 30-minute event, the Keelvar team will review:
• The 5 levels of automation
• Our approach to automation and bots vs. others
• Our sourcing automation offerings
• Real-world customer usage insights
• Live demo of our Ocean Freight Sourcing Bot

Presented by:
Jennifer Sikora, VP of Marketing at Keelvar
David Siedt, Senior Analyst at Keelvar


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