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3月13日 11:00 am (イタリア時間)

Year 2021 holds within itself the vibration of Angel/Archangel Ariel, known as the Lion/Lioness of God, as 20+2+1=23/5, which is a number associated to the Aura-Soma®️ Equilibrium Bottle 23, Rose Pink over Pink, “Love & Light”.
Ariel is the Archangel of Nature, Prosperity, Abundance and Manifestation. This Archangel comes to humanity at this point in time in order to support the development of a new relationship with Nature/Life and assist us in understanding the sense of our role and our being in the here and now at this point in time.
Archangel Ariel vibrates with the frequencies of the Pink Ray and it is said that this Angel is connected with the Heart of the Creator and works through the Heart Chakra in order to balance the connection and alignment with the Universal energy.
The purpose of this meditation at this point in time is to support us in connecting with the Divine frequency of this Archangel in order to help us find with our place in the world and fulfil our mission and purpose.

NB: The Meditation will be in English with Japanese translation.


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