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LEAD Network Webinar: How Emotion Impacts Performance & Business Results
Emotions are everywhere. Yet in business they are rarely encouraged or spoken about. It is possible to have the human interactions necessary to build connection and trust and hold people to account around performance. It is possible to do both at the same time. There is no need to overcomplicate it, and if we are more proactive in this area, there will be less need for the wellbeing interventions that are there to support people once they are ‘broken’. We will be exploring the power of encouraging ALL emotions to enable high performance and business results.
Why it matters - It takes courage to tell people how we really feel in business. It is a fear of being vulnerable. It stops people from having the conversations that really matter. Not giving feedback, saying what you mean or asking for what you need. Lou will help you bring emotion back to business, to feel better and do better. Neuroscience shows you cannot make decisions without emotions. In fact 95% of decisions are made by our subconscious brain.
Using our Rising Vibrational Scale and our 6C’s Framework people will be able to:
• Enable both the human and business needs to be explored and addressed within a conversation
• Support expectation setting and identification of capability gaps
• Hold to people to account around performance
• Get to the heart of the real issues and potential barriers to high performance

This Webinar is hosted by the LEAD Network and is part of our Personal and Career Development Series.
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Lou Banks
Director & Founder @Rising Vibe
Lou Banks, Director and Founder of Rising Vibe. Lou wants you to feel better to do better in business. She’s passionate about helping your business get to grips with emotion. Tackle thoughts. Address feelings. Because when this happens it can have a huge impact on business performance. Lou is an articulate, high-energy communicator, she instigates the conversations that matter. She invites the elephant into the room, sits it down in a comfy chair and makes it a nice cup of tea. Lou helps individuals, teams and entire organisations think about how our thoughts and feelings drive the way in which we behave and ultimately, how we show up at work.