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Who pays? The economic and health impacts of fracking in PA


Jul 10, 2019 12:56 PM

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Mark Buckley, Ph.D.
Partner & Senior Economist @ECONorthwest
Mark Buckley, Ph.D., Partner & Senior Economist leads the natural resource practice at ECONorthwest, Portland Oregon. He designs and manages economic analyses typically involving water resources and land management. The majority of his work focuses on improving efficiency of investments in watersheds and water resources, including integrated planning, restoration, conservation, and damage recovery. Mark serves as an expert witness on natural resource issues and has published research in peer-reviewed journals and other publications. He is lead author of “The Economic Costs of Fracking in Pennsylvania”, by ECONorthwest, commissioned by Delaware Riverkeeper Network.
Erica Jackson
Community Outreach and Communications Specialist, @FracTracker Alliance
Community Outreach and Communications Specialist, FracTracker Alliance Erica has researched emissions and health impacts from unconventional oil and gas development and environmental justice concerns regarding Pittsburgh’s air quality. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. She co-authored “Categorical Review of Health Reports on Unconventional Oil and Gas Development; Impacts in Pennsylvania”, Fractracker Alliance, commissioned by Delaware Riverkeeper Network.