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From Big Bang Data to Actionable Analytics - Creating Your Data Management Plan for Higher Conversions
Let's face it, the data Big Bang has happened. Your metrics are scattered around the galaxy. From Google Analytics to Facebook Ads, customer info to inventory stats. Looking through your data measurement telescopes you quickly recognize the familiar stars and large planets within your vast data galaxy; their surface metrics are very familiar.

How are successful organizations making sense from this mess of a galaxy? The metrics that lie just beneath the surface, awaiting your discovery, will provide actionable earthly insights to truly skyrocket your business.

In this webinar, we'll share our proven Data Management Plan which you can use to build meaningful constellations from all your stars to create your own Big Bang in 2019.

Dec 12, 2018 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Thomas Bosilevac
Founder @Mash Metrics
Along with being a highly ranked speaker and instructor, MashMetrics Founder Thomas Bosilevac is a recognized authority in the analytics field who has been involved in all aspects of SMB to Fortune 500 data analysis projects for over 20 years. Starting as the first “technologist” at now world-renowned VMLY&R, to starting the digital data craze at Caterpillar as a Metrics Specialist, Thomas is not afraid to try something new. After managing the Intranet Analysis Team at Microsoft as well as a team of 12 at the top rank Mirium Agency, Thomas understands how to lead the limited talent in the digital analytics field. While certainly met with several challenges, Thomas uses the same philosophy to adopt analytics into any organization: Use the right combo of people, process and technology to Decrease Time to Insight. The rest is all about discovery.
Eric Itzkowitz
Director of Optimization @SiteTuners
Eric is an innovative digital marketer and e-commerce professional with 17 years of hands-on and strategic experience. His expertise in SEO, PPC and email, as well as affiliate and social media marketing gives him a diverse perspective on how to convert more of the right prospects into paying customers. Through his work in various in-house executive marketing roles and as a freelance marketer, Eric has been a catalyst to accelerating website traffic, driving new revenue and increasing customer satisfaction and lifetime value. Eric earned a B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing) and a Minor in Economics from San Diego State University. Today, Eric has the same passion for digital marketing and e-commerce as he did when he first began his career. And he embraces the constant learning and collaboration required to be considered a true digital marketing expert.