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647 Researchers, 45 Countries, One BetterGrids
Creating the Grid of the future, with its promise and challenges, starts with a few essential attributes: visibility, control, and optimization. So that new technologies for managing the Grid can cross the chasm from academic vision to industry deployed solutions, it is essential that grid research be done with models of the Grid that accurately reflect the reality of today’s grid and the Grid of tomorrow.
Researchers and system developers worldwide urgently need public and open grid data models that vary in scale, are validated, and are curated, to test and refine the new algorithms that will ensure the Grid of the future is secure, accessible, and affordable.
The BetterGrids Repository was created to provide these models. A public and open repository, it provides a free electronic library of public grid models and research test data for anyone everywhere.
The BetterGrids Repository is self-funding and operated by The BetterGrids Foundation, supporting research and education to develop better solutions for grid optimization, control, resilience, and integration of renewable and distributed resources. Engaging volunteers to operate the Repository and govern BetterGrids, it creates and shares forward-looking grid solutions, connects members with experienced entrepreneurs, and soon will be offering a BetterGrids graduate-level scholarship to support new talent in Grid research and development. More than 40 organizations support the BetterGrids foundation worldwide.
Throughout this Webinar discussion we will address these questions:
How are the models being used in research?
How are new models being created?
How can you convert, modify and manipulate models to meet the needs of your research?
What is the BetterGrids Repository?
How can you contribute?


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