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Healthy Hearts
Sept. 29 is World Heart Day, which informs people around the globe that cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke, is the world’s leading cause of death claiming 17.9 million lives each year! The good news that it is up to 90% preventable through lifestyle choices. We will discuss the many ways we can make heart healthy choices everyday as well as non-modifiable like genetic/family history factors that we may not be able to changed, but should be aware of. This talk also serves as an overview of heart health topics such as: cholesterol, blood pressure, stroke, atherosclerosis, and heart attacks.

Sep 29, 2020 12:00 PM in Arizona

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Meredith Howarth
Manager of Corporate Health @Virginia Hospital Center
Meredith is a Certified Health Education Specialist. She received her Bachelor of Science in community health with a concentration in nutrition from George Mason University and her Master of Science in health promotion management from Marymount University. She has a strong passion for overall wellness specifically exercise and nutrition. Meredith is currently the Manager of Corporate Health at Virginia Hospital Center, and has been since 2016. She is responsible for the HealthWorks program, an on-site comprehensive corporate wellness program that services over 200 clients in the DC Metro area.