Couple Dynamics with a Triad Relationship and How to Engage in a Balanced Non-Judgmental Way - Ian Wallace
Come take a journey with me into the fascinating and frightening world of Couple Counselling. Explore with me the difference of the dynamic and how to engage with both people in a balanced way. Learn some of the ways you can help the Couple engage with the work and you.

I have over 9500 hours of face to face work with clients and I am an accomplished presenter, teacher, and trainer. I use my knowledge and experience to present my training courses, bringing to life the subjects I teach using case presentations and real life experiences to put theory and practice learning in an easy and simple way.

I run a truly free resource website,, which is updated monthly with new ways to help people to understand the human dynamic. It gives people an understanding of the work I do, the awareness I gain through my work, and the tools and interventions that I use in my work with Clients.

I also have a website,, which explores the intuitive therapeutic interventions that all of us have but mostly are not aware of. This awareness helps us to use transference and counter transference within a therapeutic encounter. Building trust and working alliances easier and more connected.

I also have a counselling and therapy practice which offers therapeutic and mental health interventions from myself and other professionals in Wakefield details which can be found at

Jul 9, 2019 08:30 PM in London

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