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Marketing in Mayhem: Election Security, COVID-19, and Other Scary Stories
“Differentiate or Die” - Jack Trout’s seminal book put it simply. Differentiating products today is more challenging than at any time in history yet it remains at the heart of successful marketing. Cybersecurity may be the most challenging industry in the history of technology to be seen as highly differentiated.

Moderator: Teri Robinson, Executive Editor, SC Magazine

Our esteemed women in cybersecurity panelists include:

Judy Sunblade, Vice President of Marketing, WhiteHat Security, an NTT Company
Jennifer Geisler, Chief Marketing Officer, Vectra AI
Michelle McLean, Vice President of Marketing, Salt Security

With billions invested in the cybersecurity space, vendors and their messaging collide on a daily basis, fighting for mindshare with both their prospective customers and the thought leaders/influencers that cover their space.

It’s never been more important to differentiate your message. Or harder, given the events going on in the world today. We’ll be covering the strategies and tactics these experts employ to get their companies recognized above the market clutter.


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