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LGELI: Destructive deployment practices in local government
Research conducted for LGELI between March and August 2021 asked the question: ‘What undermines ethical leadership in South African local government?” One theme stands out clearly – Ethical leadership is undermined by appointing municipal officials based on political connections rather than skills. This is linked to the practice of ‘deployment’ and how it is applied. The negative impact is that municipalities end up with incompetent staff who do the bidding of one party or faction, rather than focusing on service delivery. As a consequence, the administration becomes factional, politicised and ineffective. Governance and accountability break down, and municipalities become vulnerable to abuse by individuals or groups with corrupt intent. There is a direct link between these practices and dysfunctional municipalities. Considering the severe impact that destructive deployment has on South Africa, the aim of this webinar is to have a whole of society dialogue to further explore the topic and consult on possible governance solutions so as to inform the development of a Code for Ethical Governance for South African Local Government

Dec 3, 2021 09:00 AM in Johannesburg

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