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DWEN Malaysia Chapter Meet - November 2020
DWEN Malaysia Chapter Meet

1. Opening & Introduction to Dell Women Entrepreneur’s Network
2. Events & Activities upcoming up in Dec - Jan.
3. Chapter SPOTLIGHT - listen to 3 inspiring women entrepreneurs share their story about how they’ve succeeded better during these complex times.
4. Close & Quick Summary

Time : 75mins

Each month, at a chapter meeting, we’ll be inviting several women who want to be in the ‘spotlight’ and be talking to everyone about their business in more detail. It’s 10mins for presentation, and additional 2 minutes for Q&A from others at the meeting.

(if you’d like to feature in an upcoming spotlight session, connect with Ms @Adelena in the Malaysia Chapter, to send some details about yourself & your business, so we can get back to you on a spotlight session opportunity.

This month we are shining the spot light on THREE women entrepreneurs who are successfully adapting their business in these complex times, who will let us know how they are bringing what they do to the next level.

They will be providing some useful information where you can know how the steps they took to get and have their business to be visible on-line by using simple, less high-tech marketing & word-of-mouth referrals.

It helps answer some questions that women entrepreneurs usually have - on attracting the right clients and sales conversations during these #stayAtHome times, and also some of the pitfalls that could be avoided.

DWEN Malaysia Chapter is headed by Ms Dephy Oon, CEO of Paddee Connexions who will be chairing this session.

Please do RSVP to let us know you’ll be attending.

And please send out these invite to some of your friends & social circles, as it might be useful for some others out there.
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